English & French for Everybody
Our Teachers

Our foreign teachers are highly qualified and come from Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom and Australia. All our teachers have a university degree and teaching certification. They are carefully chosen for us by our partners abroad who consider both professional skills and individual character.

Our Slovak teachers have lived in English and French speaking countries for an extended period of time and are fluent in these languages.

Teresa Mayer
Toronto, Canada
Lori-Ann Théroux Benoni
Montreal, Canada
We are proud of them:
Phil Le Mottee
Sydney, Australia
Mary Kelly
Iowa, USA
Katherine Menges
Kansas, USA
Brodie Hassay
Windsor, Canada
Mirka Pitvorcová
Púchov, Slovensko
Michelle Barlow
Tennessee, USA
Patricia Smith
California, USA
Gregory Loew
California, USA
Jennifer Tyler
Maryland, USA
Sophie Paish
London, Canada

Samuel Hackett
Colorado, USA
Douglas Sandberg
Minnesota, USA
Julie Dean
Michigan, USA
Elizabeth White
Texas, USA
Adrienne St Claire
Florida, USA
Carole De Lucian
Florida, USA
Christine Kelly Gisondi
Michigan, USA