For those of us with a sense of adventure, a desire to live, work and experience the life of another culture-often find it a challenge to find employ where we will feel safe, well provided for and trust our contracts will be fulfilled.  At the Canadian Language School, you have no worries.  The director of the school, Jaro, has bent over backwards to insure that my needs were met for me during my stay in Slovakia and the staff has become life long friends of mine.

   Teaching at the Canadian Language School has been an absolute pleasure.  The students have made my teaching experience here wonderful.  Slovak people are warm, friendly and make you feel so welcome in their country.  It has been an amazing experience for me to watch my students, whose desire to learn English is great, finally grasp the English language and stand so proud upon graduation day.

   As a whole, my past year here in Slovakia has been a huge success for me and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.  Slovakia is a beautiful country, filled with castles' turrets and mountains to be climbed, open-air markets to explore and a rich marvelous culture-all-waiting for you to explore.  If you are truly an adventurous soul, Slovakia is centrally located which gives means to travel inexpensively to many other countries.  During my free time I have explored the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungry, Poland and England.

Mary B. Keller
Iowa, USA
I am an Australian and having just finished teaching English in Slovakia for 12 months, I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to experience true European warmth and culture away from the stereotypical commercial cities such as Prague in the Czech Republic etc.

The Slovak people are warm to foreigners and the country has countless castles, a variety of snow skiing opportunities and magnificent views and nature to discover while hiking to enjoy. Another great thing is that Slovakia is central to the rest of Europe.

Cities such as Trencin and Zilina have charming Old Squares that are a delight to visit in summer - full of Al Fresco bars and restaurants that are wonderful to relax and enjoy during free time. Music and festivals are common and little children run and play happily while parents relax nearby.

I was fortunate enough to be teaching for the Canadian Language School (Zilina) which is highly respected by the general community; the mere mention of the school’s name often elicits a very positive response.

Perhaps most importantly for me, I found the experience of Slovakia rewarding on a very personal level that made it truly difficult to leave. Many students have become lifelong friends and I am genuinely planning to return in future.

Phil Le Mottee
Sydney, Australia

As I near the end of my year in Zilina, I find myself reflecting on my time here.  It has certainly been both a rewarding and an eye-opening experience to live and work in a country that many people have never even seen on holiday.  As I told my students in my first few weeks here, I call Slovakia "a hidden gem"; mountains are never far from view and castles peek out from the most unexpected of places.

It has been a great pleasure to meet and interact with the students who came to Canadian Language School in the past year.  Watching these people grow and improve their language skills has certainly been the highlight of my experience.  I have become close with many students and am proud that many of them are now able to chat easily and fluently in English over a beer in Zilina's relaxing and attractive Marianske Namestie.  It will be hard to leave both the place and the people; I am certain I will return to Slovakia sometime in the near future but, for now, na zdravie a dovidenia!

Thank you again for everything.

Sophie Paish
London, Ontario,
I will always cherish my time in Slovakia.  Teaching at the Canadian Language School was a wonderful way for me to start my career as an ESL teacher.  There are no better students than Slovak students!  The teaching material provided by the school was a very useful structure to work with but there were plenty of opportunities for me to use my own creativity in creating lessons as well.  I was able to teach in both Zilina and in Trencin - each city is unique and exciting in it's own way.  It wasn't too hard as an English speaker to make my way around these towns or the beautiful Slovak countryside!  Plus, Jaro and Jana (and the other Jana too!) were always there to help.  My whole experience in Slovakia was an enriching one.  I leave behind many, many great friends.

Jennifer Tyler
Maryland, USA